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We bring a creative & empathic approach to tackling complex social challenges

thinkpublic team

We believe that design can improve the world, and we're proud to have 19 years of experience designing services and social ventures.


Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, engaging communities and customers to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met. We use experiential design methods to make our projects fun and engaging whilst embedding long-term impact. 


We bring diverse experience from both the social and private sectors, with extensive knowledge in health and wellbeing. We're dedicated to making a difference in society and the environment through our work.

​Let's work together to create something impactful and amazing.


Our Values


We're passionate about creating a positive impact on people's lives, society and the planet through our projects and actions.


We believe in building inclusive and trusted relationships that bring diverse voices together for co-creation.


We design creative solutions and prototypes that address real-world needs, resulting in impactful services, products and systems.


We build meaningful bridges to help people reconnect with themselves, communities and nature, fostering new ideas for a healthy, regenerative planet.

Deborah Szebeko

Established in 2004, thinkpublic was the UK's first social design agency. 

Our founder, Deborah Szebeko, was inspired to start the agency after witnessing the need to involve people in co-designing services, communications, and change during her volunteer work at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

"We are driven by our passion to creatively engage and involve people in designing services, systems, and products that positively impact society and the wider planet." - Deborah Szebeko. Founder, thinkpublic


Blurry Lights


Healthcare & Wellbeing / Education /

Sport / Arts & Culture  / Environment

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What Clients Say

“Ambitious ideas need creative people who can take a vision and make it work without losing the magic. The thinkpublic team steered us through testing and building the service. We look forward to our work with thinkpublic as we get ready to launch.” 

Professor Sir Chris Evans -

The Cancer Awareness Trust

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