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How can we support the launch of a new cancer charity & digital platform
App Design

The challenge

The Cancer Awareness Trust (CAT) is a new cancer charity wanting to support millions of people affected by cancer with specific, verified and trusted information, products and services.


CAT asked us to help them design a digital service that would give cancer patients agency over their journey, empowering and educating them to live positively. 


Our approach

We formed a small in-house design team that started by building a community of people dealing with cancer to be part of the research and co-creation. We ran a series of rapid design sprints to identify needs, understand the technology landscape, identify content partners, alongside designing a prototype platform and service blueprint.


The outcome

We designed and prototyped a digital platform to guide the creative direction, user needs and build brief. Alongside this we created an MVP to launch a roadmap and programme plan which we are now in the process of supporting.


“Ambitious ideas need creative people who can take a vision and make it workable without losing the magic. The thinkpublic team steered us through testing and building the service. We look forward to our work with thinkpublic as we get ready to launch”  - Professor Sir Chris Evans 

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