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How can we engage patients & staff to co-design & improve the healthcare experience?

The challenge

The NHS wanted to better understand the patient experience to improve and innovate healthcare services.

Our approach

Working with staff and patients from a wide range of NHS hospitals and clinics, we conducted ethnographic research, co-design workshops and prototyping.


The outcome

We pioneered Experience Based Design (EBD), an innovative method and toolkit for co-designing health services with patients and healthcare professionals. This has recently been adapted as the digital co-design tool.

The EBD methodology has been used by healthcare institutions globally.

Co-design tool photo copy.jpg

“Over the years thinkpublic has taught me so much about the practical use of Design Thinking and Design Methodology when applied to health. They are highly skilled at planning, doing and focused on really understanding the problem so that the results of the work has real impact.”


Dr. Lynne Maher

Director of Innovation NHS Institute For Innovation & Improvement


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