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from hospital to home

Looking after the most vulnerable children: From Hospital to Home

Children born with breathing problems need additional support, sometimes they need this support indefinitely. The Long Term Ventilation Team, based at the Royal Brompton Hospital, provides support for these children and help to train parents in the looking after their children. We've been working with the team to make a film explaining their service to parents who may need it.

It explores the journeys of three families from across the pan-Thames region who have successfully brought their children home despite the challenges of their children's conditions. The film shows how much support is available for these vulnerable children and shed's light on the challenging experiences that are surmounted by their parents.

One parent, Ben, describes his experience: "You stick with it because it is your baby, ultimately we've got a baby that's actually healthy now. coming from a position where we starting to consider some really horrible decisions, which fortunately we didn't have to make. But I think that you know if you take it step by step, day by day you end up in a really good place." 


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