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Creating an immersive community cinema

The Client Vintage Cinema

The Challenge

Our goal was to engage local communities in arts and culture in a fun and entertaining manner.


Our Approach

We established Vintage Cinema, a dynamic pop-up immersive events company, curating unique film screenings in captivating locations such as caves, museums, and train stations. We implemented comprehensive social and local marketing campaigns to generate awareness and excitement. The overall customer experience was thoughtfully designed to ensure a captivating and immersive journey for attendees. This included creating film-themed menus, setting up a cocktail bar, and recruiting singing usherettes and actors who guided guests throughout the evening. Additionally, we carefully curated diverse screenings and community events to cater to various interests and preferences within the local communities.

The Outcome

We successfully screened various films, captivating audiences with our immersive experiences. As the Vintage Cinema brand gained widespread recognition, we strategically decided to sell the business while ensuring its legacy continues. Today, the Vintage Cinema brand and the business continue entertaining and engaging local audiences, providing memorable arts and culture experiences.

“We went along to see Jaws at the Natural History Museum at Tring .... and what a way to watch such an iconic film! Everybody was so welcoming and helpful; you genuinely felt that you were part of something special to the hosts as well as the audience. Amid the exhibits and in the shadows of the skeletal underwater world, we sipped on fizz. We enjoyed popcorn and settled comfortably onto bean bag chairs that made for a film sleepover extraordinaire. An absolute definite 'must-do' and indeed, we will do again.”


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