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Creatively engaged families with reading

The Client BookTrust

The Challenge

BookTrust, a UK children's reading charity, aimed to innovate their universal programme's reach to less engaged families in the most deprived areas across the UK and seed the love of books, stories and reading.

Our Approach

To address this challenge, our service design team devised a comprehensive user engagement strategy and designed bespoke engagement tools. Our primary objective was to initiate meaningful conversations with a diverse range of stakeholders throughout the UK. To achieve this, we conducted extensive user research and facilitated co-design workshops involving system partners and families with varying levels of engagement in reading. Through these activities, we aimed to gain valuable insights and generate innovative ideas to enhance and innovate the Bookstart Baby programme.


The Outcome

The insights derived from our research and co-design workshops resulted in significant improvements and innovations across the Bookstart Baby programme. Our particular focus was on engaging families who were not yet actively reading to their young children. Consequently, we developed new captivating experiences to inspire parents with children under three. These novel experiences aim to foster a love for reading from an early age, benefiting children and families alike.

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