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Designing a digital health coaching service

The Client DigitasLBi / AstraZeneca

The Challenge

Ensuring adherence to cardiovascular medication is crucial in reducing morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs. However, medication nonadherence remains a common issue due to various barriers faced by patients, providers, and the healthcare system. The challenge was to develop the concept of a digital coaching service aimed at supporting patients in adhering to their medication after experiencing a heart attack, ultimately reducing hospital readmissions and improving their overall health.


Our Approach

To address this challenge, we conducted extensive user research with individuals who had experienced a heart attack. This research allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their daily lives and the barriers they face regarding medication adherence. Through collaborative co-design sessions, we developed ideas for the service design and positioning of a behaviour change coaching service tailored specifically for the US market. Leveraging these valuable insights, we created a prototype of the service blueprint and user experience while developing behaviour-change content to support medication adherence and a healthy lifestyle.


The Outcome

The co-development of an innovative behavioural change digital coaching service. Focused on increasing self-efficacy and adherence for patients recovering from heart attacks in the US. 

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