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Evolving a small charity business model

The Client Performing Medicine

The Challenge

Performing Medicine, a highly successful charity, has been dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in delivering exceptional and compassionate care. Suzy Willson, the Founder, approached us to assist in expanding their training consultancy services, developing new offerings, and reviewing their existing business model.

Our Approach

To address this challenge, we embarked on an extensive analysis of the charity's current business and service offerings. We facilitated a strategy workshop with the leadership team to uncover areas of passion and potential for growth. These insights formed the foundation for developing an updated vision, value proposition, and a range of enhanced service offerings. We then engaged various stakeholders and funders to gather feedback and ensure strategic alignment. Leveraging our expertise in social design and business acumen, we crafted a new business strategy tailored to Performing Medicine's unique requirements.


The Outcome

The project resulted in delivering a comprehensive kit of business tools to Performing Medicine. These tools included a clearer mission and vision statement, a simplified and refined service offering, a financial forecast, a credentials deck, and design briefs for key marketing assets. The updated vision and value proposition help guide the organisation towards its growth objectives, while the streamlined service offerings ensure clarity and relevance to their target audience. The credentials deck is also a powerful marketing asset to attract new opportunities and partnerships.

“...a heartfelt thank you for all the work you have been doing with us. It has been so great to have your perspective and support as well as lots of very useful systems and ways of thinking. Brilliant!”

Suzy Willson - Founder & Artistic Director Performing Medicine

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