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Inspiring a volunteer movement

Client RSPCA

The Challenge

The RSPCA sought to educate the public about animal welfare and kindness by creating diverse volunteering opportunities and mass community engagement programs. They aimed to mobilise more individuals to support the RSPCA's mission of helping animals.


Our Approach

To tackle this challenge, we initiated an inclusive process involving a wide range of stakeholders within the RSPCA system. This collaborative effort allowed us to identify valuable insights and opportunities across the charity's different services and functions. We delved into the donor and volunteer experience by creating personas and journey maps, enabling us to pinpoint engagement touchpoints for fundraising, volunteering, and service design. Our team conducted rapid co-design sprints to develop innovative service concepts, engaging campaigns, and prototypes. We developed comprehensive business cases encompassing service maps, touchpoint designs, internal logistics, development roadmaps, and investment plans. These cases also included a holistic assessment of the wider impact on animals and society.


The Outcome

As a result of our work, we produced a robust mass community engagement and volunteering strategy. This strategy, supported by service design blueprints, was significant in informing the RSPCA's overarching strategy for 2021-2030. The approach we implemented enables the RSPCA to effectively educate the public about animal welfare and kindness while mobilising more individuals to actively support their cause. By aligning engagement touchpoints, service design, and fundraising efforts, the RSPCA is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on animal welfare and create a more compassionate society.

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