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Supporting the design and launch of Physical Literacy for England

The Client Sport England

The Challenge

The quality of our relationship with movement and physical activity profoundly influences our choice to be active. Having a positive and meaningful relationship with movement and physical activity makes us more likely to be and stay active, benefiting our health, wellbeing and quality of life. Sport England asked us to support the co-creation, design, and launch of the Physical Literacy Consensus Statement for England, bringing together sector stakeholders from the sports, education, physical activity, recreation, play, health, and youth sectors.

Our approach

Working with system stakeholders, we designed a series of creative workshops and prototypes to stimulate conversations about the need for systemic change to help embed the vision for Physical Literacy in the UK. 

To help make the vision tangible, we produced a series of emotive audio Snippet Stories of sector leaders sharing their experiences alongside practical examples of how to translate the statement into practice. We designed a visual brand with a range of creative assets that brought the statement to life. We also designed an immersive launch event to inspire the sector to see the importance of physical literacy and pledge their commitment.

The Outcome

The launch of the Physical Literacy Consensus Statement was reported by Sport England as one of their most successful programme launches, with system partners feeling not just involved but also enthusiastic about championing Physical Literacy. The work continues in 2024 to support physical literacy advocates in making changes across the sector.

"thinkpublic’s energy is simply contagious. They think deeply and innovatively to strike the perfect balance of stretch and challenge, helping take our project to the next level. Their creativity and emotional approach have helped us to forge stronger relationships with our partners."

Georgina Howe. Head of Children and Young People, Sport England

Photography credit Sport England 2023.

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